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 Vietnam is working on improving on the level of transparency. It is advisable that foreign investors take effort to learn about their partners before cooperating with them. In other words, it is important to understand an individual or enterprise before joining venture with them  in Vietnam so that  the investors may reduce the minimum risks that may occur as well as evaluating the possibility of cooperation in the future.

  • Research for records of enterprises or record of individuals in Vietnam;
  • Research for the reputation of the company or individual who shall be your business partners in Vietnam;
  • Research for the history of public information about the company or individual.
Despite the high risks of fraud, there are good opportunities in Vietnam. Namely, at the present, Vietnam has been strongly attracting direct investment capital from foreign investors. This leads to the demands of investigation as above – mentioned.
If the investors ignore this step of investigation, they may take heavy consequences because of their subjective. It may be a loss of money, time, effort and reputation.

Normally, most of the investors investing in Vietnam for the first time are using survey results from third parties, that is, the companies specializing in the investigation of market information.

Because, first, when investing in a whole new market, the investors do not understand clearly about the investment environment as well as the operating subjects in this new market. If the investors conduct the investigations themselves, the result may be inaccurate and not objective.

Second, the investors can save time as well as money to focus on other professional activities. With a team of experienced professionals, the companies specializing in this investigation field have full of capacity to meet all requests from the investors. Besides, time for the investigation is quick, and the price shall be much cheaper than the cost that the investors use to do their own investigation.
Therefore, if you are going to invest in Vietnam, we recommend you to conduct a thorough Vietnam background check, which includes the followings:
Before an investor wishes to set-up a business venture in Vietnam, it is advised to learn about the market, the business partner in Vietnam.  Let ANT Consulting help your business. Please contact us via or call our office number: +848 35202779 (HCMC) or +844 39388751 (Hanoi).

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