Thứ Tư, 1 tháng 6, 2016

“Bun cha” of Hanoi

“Bun cha” is a signature dish of Hanoi people with special and delicious taste; it is certainly an indispensable dish for Hanoi cuisine lovers.

“Bun cha” is made with familiar ingredients such as noodles, pork, vegetables, fish sauce.

“Bun cha” with slices of grilled pork, grilled chopped pork, add a few pieces of green papaya, enjoy with raw vegetables and fish sauce. In some places, we can also enjoy “bun cha” with traditional spring rolls.

“Bun cha” of Hanoi is voted by CNN into the list of the world’s most delicious summer dish. Earlier, “bun cha” is also included in the list of 10 best street foods in Asia by CNN.

“Bun cha” is not only preferred by foreigners but also many generations of Vietnamese people enjoy it. “Bun cha” is the traditional dish of Vietnam.

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