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The very first wind power plants, one in Binh Thuan and one in Bac Lieu, can be considered a breakthrough to pave the way for the construction of Vietnam’s wind power industry, which is expected to be pillar of the future power source in Vietnam.

 In the field of renewable energy, hydropower and wind power are considered clean power sources
In fact, hydropower has hidden dangers for communities. On the other hand, wind power is friendly and gentle to humans. We can consider hydropower as an old power source and the wind power is the young one. While hydropower has been playing a vital role in the power industry of many countries, wind power has only been noticed and invested for about 5 – 10 years.
With the wind power plants in Bac Lieu, Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan, recently, Vietnam Prime Minister has agreed to invest in a wind power plant in Khai Long resort – Ca Mau.
Under the direction of the Government, the investment objective of the above project is to build a wind power plant, connecting to the national electricity system and sell electricity through power purchasing agreement with the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), contributing to ensure national energy security.
The plant will be built in Khai Long Village, Dat Mui Commune, Ngoc Hien District, Ca Mau. The total installed capacity is 100 MW on an area of land and sea of approximately 2,165 hectares.
The project will be implemented in the period from 2016 to 2018.
According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam currently has nearly 50 registered wind power projects but only about 10% of which are under construction, of which 3 projects are producing commercial electricity, which are Tuy Phong wind power project (Binh Thuan) with capacity of 30 MW; Phu Quy island wind power project with capacity of 6 MW in Binh Thuan; Bac Lieu wind power project with capacity of 16.5 MW.
Most recently, Phu Lac wind power project (Binh Thuan) with capacity of 20 MW and the total investment of nearly 1,100 billion USD has been started construction in July 2015.
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