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The Regulation on Science and Technology Enterprises in Vietnam

The science and technology enterprises (S&T Enterprises) means an enterprise implementing production and business science and technology service to make a goods or product from results of science research and technology development. The S&T Enterprise’s operation is based on the successful application and exploitation of research process in itself or the results of scientific and technological research from the scientists, organizations or research results transferred from abroad that they have the lawful ownership use rights. The Government issued the Decree No. 13/2019/ND-CP dated on February 01st, 2019 on science and technology enterprises.

The setting up of S&T Enterprises in Vietnam is only acceptable when meeting the following conditions for granting Certificates of science and technology enterprise, which is acting as operation license as well as basis for implementing the incentives and support policy for investment and takes effect nationwide: i) Established and operated under the Law on Enterprises; ii) Being able to create or apply scientific and technological results which are evaluated, appraised and recognized by competent authorities; iii) Obtaining turnover form the production of, and dealing in, products and goods created from scientific and technological results for at least 30% of the total turnover. This condition shall apply in case the enterprises is established to or more 5 years.
Certificate of science and technology enterprise is issued by the Department of Science and Technology or National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development (NATECH) belonging to the Ministry of Science and Technology depending on each specific case.
One of the important provisions related to the S&T Enterprises of Decision No. 844/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister dated on May 18th, 2016 on approval for “Assistance policies on national innovative startup ecosystem to 2025” stipulates for continuing to implement the Project of Vietnamese Silicon Valley. This Project have been creating the most favourable conditions for development of the S&T Enterprises and encouraging S&T Enterprises to research, improve their goods or product to meet the demands of market.

With the application of scientific research results and technological development into production and business activities, S&T Enterprises not only bring new high quality products which are able to compete with imported goods, but also encourage science and technology research and application into production and business. S&T Enterprises are entitled to enjoy preferential on enterprise income tax exemption and reduction; exemption and reduction of land and water surface rent; credit incentives;… and especially supporting research activities and commercialization of new scientific and technological results supplemented by Decree No. 13/2019/ND-CP.
The promotion of commercialization of science and technology results contributes actively to the development of the science and technology market, facilitates the application of research results to real life. Every year, Vietnam has thousands of research results and inventions from universities, research institutes, research centers, domestic research groups and foreign organizations and individuals registered in Vietnam. But very few research results are applied to production or commercial products on the market. In order to resolve this situation, the Vietnamese Government supports the S&T Enterprises through policies on enjoying import and export tax; use of research equipment in national key laboratories, technology incubators,… of the State; investment preferences of the Scientific and Technological Development Fund and other funds; priority to participate in projects to support the commercialization of the results of science and technology, intellectual property of the State;… as stipulated in Decree No. 13/2019/ND-CP and relevant legal documents.

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